Dana’s Story

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Dana, 32 years old, was incarcerated for 10 years for the manufacture and possession of methamphetamines. Gang activities at a young age and a lack of adult role models led her to drug use and criminal activity. However, while in prison, Dana decided that she wanted her life to change. She began to read and study, first attaining her GED, then moving on to achieve an associates degree in liberal arts. When Dana heard about the Resonance re-entry program and services available to her to prepare for reentering the outside world, she applied immediately. The Resonance case manager worked with Dana prior to her release to help secure safe, sober housing and employment opportunities for her. Once out of prison, Dana quickly found a job and decided to pursue additional schooling toward her dream career. The case manager helped Dana complete her college application and win a$3000.00 scholarship.

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