At Resonance, our mission is to help troubled women change…for good. Through accredited programs developed exclusively for women–and the special challenges and responsibilities they face as women–Resonance provides the tools, services and support that enable them to make positive life changes for themselves, their family, and the community.

Women’s Reentry Support Services

It’s no secret Oklahoma incarcerates more women per capita than anywhere else in the world. Their lives, as well their children’s, are irreparably damaged. However, as women complete their sentences, prison-to-community reentry planning and intensive case management are crucial in helping them navigate the complicated transition process back into the community, helping them restart their life in a world that does not readily accept them.

Resonance provides Reentry Support Services to women pre and post release, including substance abuse treatment, work readiness, mentoring, and case management services, to help women be successful upon release from prison. Services are offered inside various prison facilities in the state, and after release women receive case management services and engage in classes at the Resonance offices.

Working one-on-one with offenders, Resonance provides the tools and resources that focus on:

  • Job readiness
  • Locating clean and sober housing
  • Participation in substance abuse education and/or treatment
  • Family Reunification
  • Transportation
  • Securing vital documents for housing and employment (Social Security cards, food handler permits, drivers’ licenses, etc.)

Resonance offers a continuum of support for women beginning inside prison facilities, through their first hours of release, on to classes and case management services at the Resonance offices.

In-prison/jail: Resonance offers services ranging from substance abuse treatment to classes and case management in various Oklahoma women’s correctional facilities. Programming targets women who will release on GPS ankle monitors and return to Tulsa (and Oklahoma City through a separate federally funded program). Resonance also conducts an orientation group at the David L. Moss Tulsa County jail in collaboration with the Sheriffs Office, familiarizing women with services available to them at Resonance upon release from jail. Establishing connections with women while incarcerated builds rapport and trust, making it easier for them to come to Resonance for help when released.

After incarceration: Resonance  offers post-release services through:

  • Probation and Parole- Criminal justice reforms are allowing more women to complete their sentences under GPS ankle monitor supervision in the community. The Tulsa area Probation and Parole office has mandated each GPS supervisee be referred to Resonance for needs assessment, monthly mentoring, and other support Resonance staff greet each woman at her initial probation office visit, establishing a connection to ease the way for them to come to the Resonance offices for services. Case managers will determine individual needs, which may include substance abuse treatment, housing and employment assistance, and/or driver’s license reinstatement.
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment- Resonance is uniquely positioned as a licensed clinical treatment facility for women who need substance abuse counseling after release from prison. The Resonance house is a warm and inviting setting where women can feel safe engaging in gender-responsive, trauma­ informed
  • Driver’s license reinstatement– Resonance also offers ADSAC (DUI) assessments and classes in the Resonance offices, again offering a “one-stop” shop with the same familiar staff women are used to working with. Resonance provides the only female-only DUI services in Tulsa.
  • Educational groups and classes- Programs designed to foster success after incarceration are offered at the Resonance facility. Included in the offerings are mentoring, a pro-social activities class, creative writing, and Tulsa Community College computer user business classes for six hours college
  • Take 2: A Resonance Cafe– Take 2 is a workforce social enterprise for women needing immediate employment and housing upon release from prison. It offers a stable work and living environment, enabling women to work in the cafe and live in an upstairs apartment.  Staff supports and prepares the clients to move on to better jobs and their own housing, focusing on skills training, family reunification, and addiction relapse prevention. For more information on the café, visit

Oklahoma holds the dubious distinction of having more women incarcerated than any other state. Most of these women are imprisoned for drug or alcohol offenses. Resonance believes that by implementing the right treatment, rehabilitation, and reentry programs, female offenders about to transition back into society will have the skills and eye-opening knowledge to start anew. They will learn to live self-sufficiently, serve as a role model for their children, and pursue a positive course in life.

Why Mentoring Is Crucial

As part of Resonance’s prison-to-community programming,  our mentoring program offers a variety of benefits to women in biweekly meetings that include peer support, positive role models and lifelong connections. The mentoring curriculum also incorporates healthy recreational activities with community resource education. The primary goal is to foster camaraderie through positive peer group interaction while also developing trusted one-on-one relationships with a female role model. Contact Resonance for more information on becoming a mentor.

Resonance Reentry Program Partner Providers
Our partner providers are essential to assembling the building blocks needed for successful transition. They include:
• Tulsa Community College
• Workforce Tulsa
• Poetic Justice
• Junior League

Resonance Center for Women is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that relies, in part, on financial gifts from generous individuals and companies. To learn how you can make an extraordinary impact on women’s lives or to learn more about our programs and services, Contact Resonance today.