Ways to Help


Fresh Start Kits

Your $100 donation underwrites this fresh start kit for a client in Resonance’s prison-to-community reentry program. These FRESH START KITS are symbolic of much more than the contents found inside:
• The YOGA MAT provides a glimpse into the world of exercise, self-care and wellness, an area often neglected by our clients.
• TCC SCHOOLBOOKS are the building blocks necessary to be a lifelong learner, to earn college credit, and to develop the confidence needed to take more classes upon release.
• A matched set of SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER and other hygiene items are reminders that they too are special.
• A PERSONAL JOURNAL helps clients find their voice, to express their innermost feelings and document their goals and dreams for a new beginning.
• WORK READINESS CURICULA represents the foundation and coaching needed to launch into the employment sector.
• TRANSPORTATION VOUCHERS equate to independence and reliability as women find their way to job interviews and employment upon release from prison.
• CLOTHING VOUCHERS represent a new-found confidence in appearance and first impressions.
• RELAPSE PREVENTION WORKBOOKS mean support for a daily, sometimes hourly, choice to remain clean, sober and present for themselves and their children.
FRESH START KITS provide entrance to an exciting new world … that of education, employment and support; it’s the second chance our clients deserve to create a new life for themselves and their children.

 We have a variety of other ways for interested groups and individuals to be involved, including:
  • Mentoring
  • Masonry
  • Landscaping
  • Light Office Work
  • Board Committees
  • Special Events
  • Dinner/Snack Preparation
  • Donations of Toiletry Items
  • Special program/skills presentations to incarcerated females
  • Monetary Support

Just give us a call, and we will find the perfect match for you.

Every gift matters!
  • $500 funds one month’s rent for transitional housing
  • $250 funds one month of counseling sessions
  • $100 funds two hours of job readiness coaching
  • $50 funds one student supply tote bag
  • $25 funds one treatment workbook